Installation Manuel
This is the place to go for help with installation. First, go to Next, click on the reffered download (or just click the "download" button on the middle right hand side), which should be Alpha 1.2.1. Wait for that to load (won't take very long). Then just follow the instructions, and your set.

This is the place to go for help with the program itself. After the program has installed, click "Start">"All Programs">"ODOS Alpha">"ODOS Alpha". Then, a sound will play. After this, just click on the picture that has what you want to do.

The pictures stand for:

The hard drive with the windows logo on it is for Skydrive.
The "E" that looks like the IE logo is for accesing the Internet.
The icon that says "Wolfram Alpha" on it is for calculations, web metrics, and all common knowledge.
Finally, the "GAME" icon will take you to a screen asking if you would like to visit MSN Zone Games or Yahoo! Games.

Quick Access
ODOS comes packaged with a "Quick Access" feature that allows you to just enter a word, such as "Internet", and have it pop up then and there. Just open ODOS and type what you want to do, such as "Internet" or "Games", and then press enter or click "Go!".
Here are the things you can enter:
For SkyDrive you may type: "Hard Drive" or "HD" or "hd" or "Hd" or "hD" or "SkyDrive" or "skyDrive" or "SkyDrive" or "skydrive" or "Sky Drive" or "sky Drive" or "sky Drive"

For the Internet you may type: "Internet" or "internet" or "Bing" or "bing" or "Google" or "google" or "internet Explorer" or "Internet explorer" or "Internet Explorer" or "IE" or "Ie" or "iE" or "Internet Xplorer" or "internet xplorer" or "Internet xplorer" or "internet Xplorer"

For Wolfram Alpha you may type: "Wolfram Alpha" or = "wolfram Alpha" or "Wolfram alpha" or "wolfram alpha" or "Calculator" or "calculator" or "calc" or "Calc" or "CALC" or "calculate" or "Calculate"

Finally, For Games you may type: "Games" or "Game" or "games" or "game" or "Yahoo! games" or "yahoo! Games" or "yahoo! games" or "yahoo games" or "MSN zone" or "MSN Zone" or "MSN ZONE" or "msn zone" or "msn Zone" or "MSN games" or "MSN game" or "MSN Game" or "MSN Games" or "msn Game"

Source Help
For source help or bugs, please visit the Disscusions or Issue Tracker page.

Specific Help
Q:I Don't Hear The Sound!
A: make sure your volume is on, and that it is turned up. If it wasn't, then restart the program. If you hear the sound, the great. If you still don't, or if your volume was on, then post this in the Issue Tracker page, as this is an issue that can easily be resolved if found to be a bug. Also, this feature not working will not affect the whole program, but you may get an error or two.

Q:I Got an Error/ Error Code!
A: Please explain the error in the Disscusion page. There are error codes, so click the "Issue Tracking" tab and look for your code.

Q:The Pictures Don't Work or They Lead Somewhere Else.
A:Make sure you clicked on the right button, and check what that button was supposed to do in the user manuel above. If this doesn't work than please refer to the instructions described above in the I got an error! section.

Q:My Quick Access Doesn't Work!
A: Not all search "terms" are recognized, but a lot are. Refer to the chart above (in Quick Access) for a few things that you can search for.

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